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WatchPAT Home Sleep Test

Sleep Study with WatchPAT

WatchPAT is one of the most user-friendly systems currently available, extracting the physiological information required to determine the presence and severity of Obstructive Sleep Apnea (OSA) with just one sensor attached to the finger! 


WatchPAT enables simple and accurate OSA testing while avoiding the complexity and discomfort associated with traditional air-flow based systems. It is currently being used by the Sleep Lab in Singapore for ambulatory home sleep study.

"A nice marriage between technology with simplicity"

 - Dr. Kent Smith

Clinical Parameters


(apnea-hypopnea index)

True Sleep Time


(oxygen desaturation index)

Sleep Stages

Body Position


(respiratory disturbance index)


WatchPAT is the only (non-EEG) Home Sleep Test that measures True Sleep Time! (rather than total recording time)

True Sleep Time

True Sleep Time decreases the risk of misdiagnosis in up to 20% of patients and is especially important for patients who tend to wake up numerous times during the night.

Screenshot 2018-10-15 at 3.49.43 PM.png

Benefit Checklist

Comfortable and Reliable

WatchPAT testing is done in the comfort of your own bedroom, an environment that best reflects your sleep habits.

Simple,   Easy to use

WatchPAT testing is a non-invasive technology. Just wear it like a wrist watch, with no need for belts, wires or nasal cannulas.

Automated Reporting

With WatchPAT's automated data analysis, you don't have to wait to get your diagnosis. It allows you to initiate treatment without delay.

Get Diagnosed Immediately

WatchPAT booking with Sleepcentered

1. Contact us for an appointment

via phone or email, and you get booking confirmation within an hour!

2. Set up WatchPAT Sleep Study

Our technician shall visit your home at your preferred time, taking less than 15 mins to set it up!

3. Prepare the report

We pick up the WatchPAT on the next day, and email your report to your preferred doctor!

Frequently Asked Question

What happens if there is a failed sleep study?

WatchPAT Home Sleep Study has a low failure rate, however we do provide 1 free retest if needed. Terms and Conditions apply.

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