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Sleepcentered is founded in 2007 with the mission in bringing accuratecomfortable and affordable home sleep study services to Singapore. We pride ourselves to be one of the pioneers in this industry, bringing in cutting-edge sleep diagnostic technology for our patients.


In June 2017, Sleepcentered moved onto internet platform and continue in providing 7 days a week, door to door home sleep study services in Singapore. 

Meet our Specialist

Sim Chee Kien



A professional home sleep study specialist with Sleepcentered. He acquires first-hand experiences in working with top ENT Specialists, Cardiologists, and Dentists in Singapore; diagnosing over 2,000 sleep apnea cases since 2012.

He also has a special interest in CPAP Therapy (Continuous Positive Airway Pressure). He conducts mask fitting, CPAP adaption program, and familiar with major CPAP brands such as:

Major CPAP Brands
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