Frequently asked questions

How many hours of sleep is required?

We recommend a minimum recorded sleep time of 5 hours.

What happens if there is a failed sleep study?

WatchPAT Home Sleep Study has a low failure rate, however we do provide 1 free retest if needed. Terms and conditions apply.

I suspect my child may have sleep apnea, can I get him tested with WatchPAT?

WatchPAT is suitable for 12 years old and above.

My fitness watch can measure sleep quality too, what is the difference?

WatchPAT is an FDA-approved medical device that uses vascular signal. It also captures additional channels such as: Oxygen Desaturation, Sleeping Position, Snoring Intensity and etc.

How should I proceed after getting my sleep study report?

It is recommended that you consult with your preferred sleep doctor for interpretation and treatment options.

How do I get a recommendation for a sleep specialist?

We work with Family Physicians, Dentists, ENT Specialists and Cardiologists. Please contact us for recommendations.